Jasmine Rossi

Jasmine Rossi was born in 1966 in Switzerland and resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina near her favorite ice fields of southern Patagonia, a region about which she has produced four books. Her images were projected at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, at the National Arts Club in New York and at the Museum of Latin American Art in Buenos Aires (MALBA). Her works have been exhibited at the Vatican, in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Argentina, Spain and Italy and are part of several private European collections. She produced five coffee-table photo books that were published in the United States (Harry.N. Abrams New York), England (Thames & Hudson) and Argentina (Ediciones Lariviére).
Rossi’s work focuses on the transformations that occur on our planet due to climate change.
Rossi embarks on long and arduous expeditions, from the Arctic Circle in Greenland to Antarctica; from the oldest desert in the world the Namib; to the driest desert on the planet – the Atacama. Her images are direct photographs with no digital intervention, creations of the elements of our planet, and the challenge for Rossi is to capture them in their purest state.

Sand, water and time

Celestial Mountains