Eye-V Gallery was created in August 2021. Global and associative, it organizes shows and cultural events throughout the world in various settings including galleries, museums, art shows and biennials. Eye-V Gallery is focused on Art Photography, hosts an international community of artists and it is based in Uruguay, Milan and New York.

In the midst of a dystopic scenario framed by a pandemic and growing natural catastrophes, its founder, Italian activist and photographer Paola Marzotto, suggests pointing the lens at Nature. Eye-V Gallery considers photographic art as a classic form of expressing the human vision regarding the mysteries of the natural world.

Its artists represent Nature as a superior good that sustains humanity's future. They manifest their vision with different aesthetics, techniques and interpretations in search of a new natural mystique that helps promote the cultural revolution greatly needed by Planet Earth, our Lost Paradise.

Consistent with its mission, Eye-V Gallery explores printing and projection techniques with reduced environmental effect.