Eye-V Gallery was created in August 2021. Global and associative, it organizes exhibitions and cultural events throughout the world in various settings, including galleries, museums, art shows, and biennials. Eye-V Gallery is focused on Art Photography, hosts an international community of artists and it is based in Uruguay, Milan and New York.

In the midst of a dystopic scenario framed by a pandemic and growing natural catastrophes, its founder, Italian activist and photographer Paola Marzotto, suggests pointing the lens at Nature. Eye-V Gallery considers photographic art as a classic form of expressing the human vision regarding the mysteries of the natural world. Its artists represent Nature as a superior good that sustains humanity’s future.

They manifest their vision with different aesthetics, techniques and interpretations in search of a new natural mystique that helps promote the cultural revolution greatly needed by Planet Earth, our Lost Paradise. Consistent with its mission, Eye-V Gallery explores printing and projection techniques with reduced environmental effect.


Eye-V Gallery promotes and organizes cultural events related to photographers of different countries and cultures. From Italy to Uruguay, from Argentina to Baja California, these artists are special for their refined, deep perception and research on Nature.

According to the latest scientific discoveries, the Human Brain is the most complex organ of the entire cosmos and the Eye is its privileged instrument. Due to its lens, which has 130 million photoreceptors, it is like a 130 megapixel camera. The neurons create a 3D reality which supports the theory of I-reality: what we know and see is a production of the human brain.

The Eye Vision becomes the center of the Universe
and its Author.