Lorenzo Poli

Born in Italy in 1976, Lorenzo Poli is a Photographer and Architect. He moved to the United Kingdom in 2006, where he worked as an Architect for more than 15 years, in London and around the world on projects by Jean Nouvel and Norman Foster. During his long career at Norman Foster Lorenzo focused on architectural R&D, to implement sustainable strategies for clients such as Apple. He has been cultivating his deep passion for Nature and Photography throughout his life, while visiting untamed natural environments in Chile, Patagonia, Namibia, Japan, Greenland, Lapland, and Iceland, amongst others.
Since 2021 Lorenzo has embraced full-time photography as a tool for creating environmental awareness through the rediscovery of the spiritual dimension of Nature. His work has been awarded in the last year with several international recognitions, including the 2022 Sony World Photo Award in the Landscape Professional Category. His last photographic series “Life on Earth” according to the Sony judges “’delves into the ethereal magic of nature and the mysterious beauty of an untamed world…”.

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Hues of Silence

Biome Altiplano