Margarida Maia

Margarida Maria Mesquita de Sá Borges Ca-lado da Maia, born in and resident in Portugal, is a 65 years old Pediatrician. She is married and has one single son. She spent all her life focusing on the health of infants and children, adolescents and young adults, assisting with their physical, behavioural and developmental issues.

Margarida is completely in love with nature and started to photograph the majesty of her garden with relentless devotion and admira-tion. She selects, plants and cares for all the rare and native species in her garden. By pho-tographing them, Margarida brings her love for her plants to a different realm.

She is one of the discoveries of the contest ‘Better Earth than Mars’ in 2022, where she received the first prize. The contest was pro-moted by the Eye-V Gallery during the “Ant-arctica, Melting Beauty” exhibition,  hosted at the Madrid School of Mines and Energy.