Paola Marzotto

Born in Portogruaro, Venice in 1955, Paola Marzotto moved to Rome in her teens, where she studied anthropology and psychology, growing up in the artistic milieu of the 1970s.

Marzotto began her career as a freelance photoreporter and journalist for agencies and magazines in Italy before transitioning to television authorship and production. In August 2021, she founded Eye-V Gallery, where she now dedicates herself to Art Photography with a focus on Nature.

Her exhibition “Antarctica, Melting Beauty” was presented in the Italian Pavilion calendar of the Venice Biennale in September 2021. It was later showcased at the School of Mines and Energy in Madrid in February 2022, on the occasion of the award celebration of a contest of Nature Photography sponsored jointly by various departments of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, under Marzotto’s hashtag ‘#BetterEarthThanMars’.

In October 2022, the same exhibit was displayed at the Buenos Aires City Legislature during the C40 World Mayors’ Summit on Climate Change, where in recognition of her work, Marzotto was designed as Guest of Honor by the City of Buenos Aires. The exhibition was also presented at the Museo Ralli, in Punta del Este, in January 2023, under the patronage of ICOM-CECA Uruguay (Unesco).

In May 2023, “My Giverny”, held again under the patronage of ICOM-CECA, debuted at the UPM in Madrid, on the occasion of the 2nd edition of the contest ‘#BetterEarthThanMars’.

For the last twenty years Marzotto has been living between Uruguay and the rest of the world.

Antarctica, Melting Beauty


My Giverny - Green

Il Giardino dell’Eden