" Drops" by Manuela Cacciaguerra

 Galeria del Paseo, Manantiales- Punta del Este- Abril 2022

For immediate release

Punta del Este, April 8, 2022 


Eye-V Gallery is pleased to announce the photography exhibit “Drops” by artist Manuela Cacciaguerra to be held at Galería del Paseo, Manantiales, Uruguay, from April 9 through 22.
Drops is Cacciaguerra´s exploration of the interaction between mist and a spiderweb, forming water drops in fantastic patterns with appearances that range from quasi engineered constructions to a fine lace. Cacciaguerra marvels at the perfection created in these encounters and her work conveys this wonder. 
Manuela Cacciaguerra was born in Germany and currently lives in Italy. She has dedicated her whole artistic life to research Nature, combining an obsession with Light, with a passion for Beauty and Elegance applied to fundamental elements such as Water and Earth. 
Eye-V Gallery was created in 2021 focused on neo-naturalist photography, hosting an
international community of photographers and based in Uruguay, Milan and New York. 


Galería del Paseo, Ruta 10, Km. 163,  Manantiales, Tel. +598 99 631 116

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Antarctica, Melting Beauty" by Paola Marzotto

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid - Spain- Febrero 2022

For Immediate Release
Madrid, February 16, 2022

Eye-V Gallery is pleased to announce  the exhibit “Antarctica, Melting Beauty” by photographer and Eye-V founder Paola Marzotto, to be held February 17 through 28, 2022, at the Central Patio of the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Minas y Energía de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.
The exhibit features haunting photographs in print form, as well as their projections, of Antarctic glaciers and seascapes shot in early 2020 as the current pandemic was starting to spread around the world, which Marzotto presents as an urgent call to action in defense of a collapsing planet.
Marzotto´s images depict the fragmentation of a landscape that until recently had been pictured in its majestic immensity, now through her lens on display as an environmental catatostrophe affecting a region that is fundamentally life-sustaining for our Planet. The archipelago of tiny islets set adrift shock us with the beauty and sadness of the melting, once monumental, icebergs.
It is this emotional reaction which Marzotto hopes to bring front and center, to shake a human race that has dissociated itself from Nature to the extent of risking its own survival.
“The journey in search of one´s  soul ends here, where space and light coincide, where the end of the world meets the end of the planet. What do we await?” reads her manifesto for the series.
Her shock at witnessing the extent of the degradation of the most remote corners of the planet has prompted Marzotto to call it “a journey into the abyss” and served as the galvanizing event towards the creation of her venture focused on Nature photography.
The exhibit, which will tour several major cities around the world, made its debut at the International Architecture Exhibit of the Venice Biennale  in late 2021, and is part of Eye-V Gallery´s campaign to raise awareness of the existential challenges facing our planet through the work of its represented artists and other art-related endeavors.
Paola Marzotto was born and raised in the province of Venice and on the mountainside of Cortina d´Ampezzo into one of the families who wrote the history of industrial Italy. She studied anthropology and psychology, and immersed in the art world of 1970s Rome, she worked for the Contemporanea Exhibit.
Marzotto began her working life as a freelance photo-reporter for different agencies and magazines in Italy, later becoming an autor, TV journalist and producer. She subsequently ventured into haute couture and design. Currently Marzotto is devoted to environmental activism through art and puts forth her work and worldview under the hashtag BetterEarthThanMars, stressing the urgency of resuming our connection with Nature.
Eye-V Gallery was created in 2021 focused on neo-naturalist photography, hosting and international community of photographers and based in Uruguay, Milan and New York. Eye-V is  global and associative, organizing shows and cultural events throughout the world in various settings ranging from galleries, online as well as brick-and-mortar, to museums and art biennials.
18-28 February 2022
Patio Central, Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros de Minas y Energía
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Ríos Rosas 21, Madrid 28003
www.eye-vgallery.com / @eyevgallery / eyevgallery@gmail.com
Ríos Rosas 21, 28003 Madrid
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